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Hand in Hand for Sustainable Agriculture (HIHSA) Ltd is dedicated to enhancing soil revitalization, preventing deforestation, and boosting agricultural productivity. It achieves these goals by providing vermicompost (organic fertilizer) and certified Irish potato seeds to farmers. Additionally, HIHSA assists smallholder farmers with planting adaptable fruit trees on their croplands and collaborates with development partners to plant trees in areas damaged by mining activities, as well as in areas prone to floods and erosion. Furthermore, the organization offers vegetable greenhouses, inputs, and best practice training to vulnerable young single mothers,supporting them in becoming self-reliant.


July 8, 2024


web devlopment


web development



The Problem

Limited Awareness: HIHSA struggled with limited awareness about their initiatives and services among farmers and potential partners.

Communication Barriers: Farmers and partners had difficulty accessing information about HIHSA’s programs, leading to lower engagement and participation.

Resource Accessibility: Limited online presence made it hard for farmers to access resources and training materials provided by HIHSA.

Collaboration Challenges: Difficulty in reaching out to development partners and stakeholders for collaborations and support.

Outreach and Impact: Limited ability to showcase the impact of their work and success stories to a broader audience

The Solution

Increased Awareness: The website has significantly increased awareness about HIHSA’s mission, programs, and services among farmers, partners, and the general public.

Improved Communication: The website provides a centralized platform for disseminating information, making it easier for farmers and partners to stay informed and engaged.

Accessible Resources: Farmers can now easily access resources, training materials, and updates through the website, enhancing their ability to implement best practices.

Enhanced Collaboration: The website facilitates better communication and outreach to potential development partners and stakeholders, fostering stronger collaborations.

Showcasing Impact: The website allows HIHSA to effectively showcase their success stories, projects, and the impact of their work, attracting more support and participation.

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